Furniture Modifications – Double to Queen Bed

Quality materials, skilled craftsmanship and a beautiful design made this bed so special, now our client wants the size changed from a double to queen. When you choose quality furnishing for your home, its worth investing to keep it functional as your lifestyle changes.

Originally, this gracious bed was built with attention to all the details, from lovely ornamental appliqué to scalloped edges on the headboard, footboard and side rails – no element was overlooked. Now, 10 years later, we are re-building the bed. Removing the vertical posts and creating an additional panel on either side. We can alter the size of the bed, while ensuring the integrity of the design remains unchanged.

Modifications to your existing furniture means you can repurpose an item you love. Solid wood custom furniture is an investment to last a lifetime. Depending on the individual item our skilled craftspeople can make structural, colour, style, or size changes to your loved furniture. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for updating a piece of your furniture. How can we help you?

Custom Built Bed.JPG

Before: A beautifully detailed bed with an antique stained finish.

Furniture Modification Bed Resized.JPG
Furniture Modifications Bed Resized.JPG

Above: In order to adjust the size of this bed vertical posts were carefully removed and an extension panel inserted on both ends of the headboard and footboard. Below: Next the surface is finished and the posts are replaced ready to be repainted, restained and refinished. No one will know this bed was once only a double size!

Furniture Bed Resized.JPG
Furniture Adjustment Bed Larger.JPG