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Building custom furniture based on your style and specifications or rescuing a treasured family heirloom from years of wear or damage, our commitment is to make it easy for you through every step of the creative and production process.

You are encouraged to visit our workshop and view your furniture commission as often as you wish. Throughout the entire process, your input is always welcome. We want to hear what you think and know you are pleased with your project.

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custom furniture

Unique, one of a kind custom furniture to compliment your existing pieces. All details are custom; the type of wood, the stain or paint colour, the dimensions, the form and shape, the hardware and the finish. Its about your home, style and taste.

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furniture refinishing

Refinishing wood furniture allows you to preserve the value of your existing pieces or create a new style. Furniture restoration can be incredibly rewarding. Enjoy your favorite furniture longer and make the most out of your investments.

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furniture repair

Family heirlooms and favourite furniture pieces may get damaged through years of use. Even an item you may believe to be beyond repair can often be saved. Careful handwork by our skilled craftsmen can often work magic for you.




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