Furniture Refinishing - Create a new look


This beautiful desk came to us looking for a new style. It can be very rewarding to give an old piece of furniture a different look while retaining its original charm and integrity.

Many clients have a loved piece of furniture or have inherited a family heirloom that doesn’t fit with their existing decor. Refinishing a favourite piece of wood furniture can create exactly what you want for your home and still maintain the sentiment the item holds for you and your family.

Our client no longer wanted to live with the heavy, dark wood appearance of this desk. An antique chair with a wood frame was provided to match for colour and finish. All work was done by hand and involved many stages including sanding, painting, staining, distressing and finishing. All the moulding and trim were given a lot of attention to highlight the design details in the refinished and redesigned piece.

This desk’s makeover will pair perfectly with our client’s chair to create a beautiful workspace in their home.

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Left: The chair presented as inspiration for this furniture makeover. An armchair with beautiful wood frame details in a soft neutral color with stain to highlight the ornate design.