Doors are style elements for your home. Whether your home is Victorian or Mid-century Modern, you’ll want to keep your doors maintained and looking their best. We start our restoration projects by thoroughly examining your door and completing the necessary prep work before applying a stain or paint. Each restoration project will vary based on your door’s specific requirements. We will make sure your door gets the attention and care it needs.


interior door refinishing & repair

Over time, doors can be marked with dents, scratches or gouges. Panels can split from years of paint accumulation. We prepare your door for finishing by cleaning the wood, filling holes, cracks and gaps; and squaring-off etc. The final step in the process is to paint, stain or apply a finishing oil depending on your specifications.

exterior door refinishing & repair

Your home’s front door enhances its curb appeal so maintain your investment and make a great first impression. Exterior doors can wear unevenly depending on exposure to sunlight and weather. Sanding, scraping and stripping off the old finish, filling cracks and replacing or restoring old hardware are first steps. Staining or painting will create a new finish and produce the beautiful front door your home deserves.

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Sharon Odowd Door Restoration.jpeg

removal and re-installation

We’ve learned over the years, the best way to restore a door is to bring it into our workshop. Door restoration is a multi-step process so restoring your door on site can be costly and inconvenient for you. A temporary wooden insert can replace your exterior door until your beautiful door can be re-installed and the envy of the street.