Repurposed Furniture – Jenny Lind Bed to Bench

Repurposing furniture to create something special is always a great idea. Taking something no longer useful and giving it a new purpose just makes sense. So why not convert a bed into a beautiful bench!

Jenny Lind, a Swedish singer, made this bed style popular in the 19th century. A ‘Jenny Lind’ bed was an early example of a celebrity fashion trend. The ‘it’ girl of 1850 apparently slept in a spool bed during her American tour in 1851. These beds, also known as ‘spool beds’, were named for their resemblance to sewing spools.

Our client brought in a ‘Jenny Lind’ bed and asked us to transform it. The bed was cut, stripped and re-assembled into its new form, a hallway bench. A grey-blue paint color was carefully selected to match our client’s decor and finally a distressed finish added for an aged look.

If you have any ideas you would like to discuss about converting a piece of furniture and giving it a new life, please contact us.

Right Top: ‘Jenny Lind’ bed.

Right Bottom: ‘Jenny Lind’ bench


Converted Bedframe to bench.JPG
repurpse furniture.JPG
Converted bedframe to bench.JPG
repurposed furniture.JPG