Furniture Restoration - Antique Barrister Bookcase

Barrister bookcase Restoration.JPG

Our sympathetic approach to antique restoration gives our clients the confidence to trust us with their treasured pieces. Our assessment of this family heirloom and the restoration that followed brought this special piece back to life.

Also referred to as a stacking bookcase or sectional bookcase, these storage units were typically manufactured in oak, walnut or mahogany. Designed with wood framed glass fronts, constructed as separate portable units and finished with an additional plinth and hood.

May steps were required between this ‘before and after’ to achieve the desired result; stripping, restaining, finishing and constructing a new base to imitate the design of the hood. New custom glass inserts with leaded, bevelled glass turned this bookcase into a real treasure. This family heirloom will be enjoyed for many more years.

Barrister Bookcase

Before (above): The bookcase when it arrived in our workshop was accessed by our craftspeople. Recommendations for restoration were discussed and approved by our client.

After (right): Restoration involved stripping, re-staining, refinishing and the addition of a base to match the top detail. Last, but not least, new custom leaded, bevelled glass windows were inset.

Barrister Bookcase Restoration.JPG
Barrister Bookcase Restoration.JPG