Custom Dining Table - Built to your Specifications

Commission of a custom dining table means you get exactly what you want – the size, material, color, finish and style. All the details are built to your exact specifications so the completed table arrives at your home to fit perfectly in your space and compliment your decorating style.

Whether your choose four legs or pedestal base, your table will reflect your personal style. There are many stages involved to create your custom piece and you are welcome to visit our workshop at any time during production to see the work in progress. The advantage of working with a local workshop means the opportunity for an ongoing dialogue throughout the process to ensure the final table meets your expectations - and hopefully exceeds them!

Gather family and friends around the table for many celebratory dinners or just a quiet evening at home.

Let us help you create the perfect dining table for your home.

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Custom Dining Table.JPG
Custom Dining Table.JPG
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Custom dining table.JPG