Custom Dining Table – Art Deco Inspired

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Our client came to us with a very specific request - and we love a challenge! The goal was to create a custom dining table based on a specific design element. She loved the motif in her area rug and wished it to be the design inspiration for her new dining table.

Custom Dining Table Design.jpg
Custom Furniture Design Inspiration.jpg

Above: The design inspiration for this art decor inspired custom dining table. Hand made from white oak in our Toronto Workshop. Contact us to discuss your project.

Design concepts were developed and pencil sketches reviewed. Once we had an approved design direction, next came the technical drawings to ensure stability of the finished table. The curved Art Deco inspired design was selected and White Oak, which is less traditional than walnut, was the material of choice for this custom table. All the steps that followed lead to a beautiful finished product and a client excited to host dinners for family and friends.

We believe the best projects come from a collaborative approach to the furniture design process. We invite all our clients to visit our Toronto workshop frequently to see their project in progress. During the process, we believe frequent discussion about the project details is important. It ensures a successful project and a beautiful piece of furniture when we cross the finish line. As Charles Eames said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.”

Custom Built Dining Table.jpg
Custom Built DiningTable.jpg