Furniture Restoration – Hickory Chair

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Chair restoration is a fine art. The repair of a badly damaged chair requires alot of patience and skill. A family heirloom filled with memories of special people and occasions, is worth the effort and time.

This fabulous example of a hickory chair came to us in very bad condition. Initially, everyone in our workshop thought this treasured piece was beyond repair. Many legs were broken, the back was broken in half and repairs through the wrapped cane would be a challenge. Anesty, our expert felt the chair was “too far gone” but knowing how much this family heirloom was cherished, he pressed on.

The chair beat the odds and survived, fully repaired and usable. The restoration was a success and the chair is back in our client’s home to be enjoyed for many more years.

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Hickory chair.jpg

Above: Our restoration experts were able to successfully restore this hickory chair despite its shattered condition.

Chair restoration.JPG
Chair repair.JPG
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